The SBT Cooperators for Mitchell Lama and Shareholders Association initiated action contested the election results of privatization at Southbridge Towers immediately after the polls closed, and has engaged an attorney. This action forced DHCR to order that  “the voting machines and proxies be secured” for an in-depth review. A recent letter sent to all co-operators by Wally Dimson, the president of the BoD at  Southbridge Towers, stated that there is no investigation regarding the vote. Paul Hovitz responded: “[Our actions] would seem to comprise an investigation by the pure definition of the process. A letter from [our] attorney to the Attorney General resulted in the AG agreeing to delay any continuance of the reconstitution process until DHCR completes its ‘investigation’. Mr. Dimson can spin this any way he wishes. These are the facts.” Hovitz called Dimson’s letter “Board Propaganda.”

The next SBT Cooperators for Mitchell Lama Shareholders Association meeting will be held Wednesday 10/29 at 6PM in the Community Room at  Southbridge Towers.


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