More Curbed

This link leads to a long post at that is informative, in a round-about way, despite its long-windedness and awkward English. Everyone living at Southbridge should make an effort to read through all of it.

we also never had any heating system installed not even a hot water heater that you will find in a shanty.
over 45 million spent on shabby reinvention of cosmetics only like a pig with lipstick or a pig in drag but still a pig so will you pay millions for pork like it was beef filet Mignon. ?
we depend solely on outdated & faulty con ed steam & if you lose electricity no pumps to give you water.
so who will give you millions for no infrastructure 

And this….

what is need is a full investigation by the NYS attorney general office that has dropped the ball & passed the buck to the next administration & allowed corruption to pelage affordable housing & rigged voting with no over site.
privatization is cannibalism eat your old & eat your young & then eat the one next to you because even cannibals are not safe with other cannibals they are just livestock next meal …


2 thoughts on “More Curbed

  1. I am just wondering what will happen to people who are in the waiting list. Are they totally out of the picture or do they still have a chance to get in?


    • The list disappeared once SBT goes private. There are 100s of people on the waiting list, from inside and outside SBT, and I wonder if a privatized SBT is going to give back all the deposits that people put down. This should be a tidy sum. I kinda doubt it (this liability is not even mentioned in the Black Book). More lucre to prop up their privatization house of straw.


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