On NY Curbed


This link at Curbed is interesting if only for the comments.


I mean, ew. Who would pay a mill to live there.

And this one:

Without a serious revamp these towers will still be very far from current market rates in the area found at 5 Beekman, 20 Pine, 15 Broad and 15 William…. and I won’t even mention the Woolworth or the Four Seasons. There is only so much a vote can do: Big gains for the owners? Yes, Full market rates? Not yet and probaly not anytime soon. Things can’t be that easy.

Yes SBT people take a really good look around the hallways, the lobby, and perhaps your own apartment. Now put yourself in the place of a buyer – someone with $$$ in their pocket – coming into SBT …


3 thoughts on “On NY Curbed

  1. I have a question. I looked at the number of apartments that received mailings from the Honest Ballot Assn (1649) — I am assuming that is the number of “eligible” shareholders — and I multiplied that by 2/3, and the number I arrive at is 1,099. So how is it that privatization passed with a number of yes votes fewer than that?


  2. Good question. The law allows for certain apartments to be excluded from voting; in our case that number was 44. That reduced the number of affirmative votes required to 66% of 1,605.


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