1st Day Poll Report

First reports from the polls tells us that it was a circus down there. The Privatizers had placards and t-shirts and buttons all reading “Vote Yes” and they could be found parading around the courtyard and the lobbies and outside the Southbridge Towers buildings. Privatizers were also seen inside the blue no-campaigning zone and Paul Hovitz pointed this out to security. A security head then made a phone call to Wally Dimson, president of the Board of Directors, before enforcing the blue zone boundary.

Feel free to comment on anything you have seen while voting.



4 thoughts on “1st Day Poll Report

  1. I witnessed a shareholder Robert Pereira Sr. who resides at 80 Gold Street yell “F… you” at someone who was against privatization and informed the security guard that this person was passing the blue line with a pin which said Vote Yes. I was personally attacked by a short term shareholder Lee Liveo. She cursed at me and threatened me. She has been reported many times to security for harassing shareholders who were not for privatization.


      • I believe he means that he was well treated since he was planning to vote Yes. Anyone planning to vote No, who made their intentions known, were denigrated and in some cases cursed out. Some of this belligerence is still on-going with people scribbling “Losers Assholes” next to the tally of No votes on the Honest Ballot sheet posted in the lobbies of Building #2. It would appear that some of our neighbors are already thinking that they have joined the money class and can act superior. What’s next? Separate entrances for people that opt out. This scenario is not so far fletched. We already have a two-tier system in place for co-operators with cars in the garage going on with the blessings of our Board of Directors.


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