Lies, Big Lies, and Damn Lies

The flyers below are patently not true. There is no rent-stabilization available for people who opt-out of privatization at Southbridge Towers. If you are a  fixed-income senior living at SBT your best option is to vote NO against privatization and continue to live in peace in your affordable Mitchell-Lama apartment. Telling people they must first vote yes to be able to opt out and get a rent-stabilized apartment goes beyond being a matter of opinion and falls under the category of damn lies.










It as if privatization people are telling Mitchell-Lama people “We are going to get we want and here’s your consolation prize”. They see only a “win-win situation” in privatization – even when evidence to the contrary is pointed out to them.


One thought on “Lies, Big Lies, and Damn Lies

  1. OUTRIGHT LIES! A privatized SBT will have NO protection from any oversight agency–including Rent Stabilization.
    You have to wonder why people who want to privatize feel they must resort to outright lies in order to get your vote.

    The only guarantee opting out offers is a rent INCREASE of as much as 5% each and every year. SBT maintenance has increased an average of only 2.4% per year. Don’t believe outright lies. Vote NO

    If you opt out you will not get a “payout of tens of thousands of dollars”; you’ll only get what you paid when you moved in plus interest–but with two months rent deducted.

    Life offers no guarantees but our own history tells us the only way to continue paying low maintenance to stay in the Mitchell-Lama program and continue to be a shareholder. Vote NO!


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