Counting Your Chickens Before …


Yes, Live the Dream, and gloat about it, too – very neighborly of you. Oh, and btw, thanks for all the  partisanship, self-serving confusion and public strife you have engendered at Southbridge Towers while “Living the Dream…”. It’s also nice to know that some people, as much as they hate anything to do with “socialist” programs such as Mitchell-Lama, are still willing to take advantage of programs that go against their personal prosperity philosophy. It should not be too surprising then that they would now choose to cash in with little regard for the future of many of their neighbors. My own take, as a long-time resident here, is that the privatization point-of-view is not the majority viewpoint at SBT. There will be plenty of people voting NO against privatization. Remember only 34% NO votes will be needed to shoot-down privatization. All that is really necessary is a fair vote.



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