Scare Tactics

SBTTA-recordstraightFlyerThis is the Southbridge Towers Shareholders Association’s most recent flyer (click on image to see it larger) in response to some people putting out the notion that the Mitchell Lama program will sooner or later be taken away and we must go private to protect our homes. There is no reason to believe that any New York State politician would contemplate dismantling Mitchell Lama. There is no political gain from doing so, and a whole lot of bad press if anyone attempted to do so. As to forcing co-operators to downsizie to smaller apartments, again this also falls under scare tactics. The DHCR has never done this in the history of Mitchell Lama.They are not interested in opening up that can of worms.


One thought on “Scare Tactics

  1. I must make a correction. I meant both sides *exaggerate” their positions, the privatizers make it sound so great and the ML group sound so negative that you want to cry. The answers are probably somewhere in-between. I am aware this does not help in your vote. I soggiest you vote your conscience. It seems to me that it is a crapshoot/ But, even so, stay calm and just vote the way you feel.


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